fieldnotes on motherhood, vol. 6



plastic shovel in my suitcase

miniature shoes by the front door

car seat framed in my rearview mirror

letter magnets in my underwear drawer


little handprints on the mirrors

yesterday’s lunch still on my shirt

puzzle pieces in my work bag

toy cars constantly underfoot


tiny toothbrush in the bathroom

sunday’s paper now torn apart

discarded pickle in dada’s shoe

refrains from books i know by heart


colored chalk dust in the driveway

collection of buckets on the stoop

floating letters in the bathtub

conversations we’ve got on loop


bright thread woven throughout my day,

bread crumbs leading me back to what’s true,

the signs and symbols of my child,

i’ve come to cherish

these pieces of you


february 3, 2016

Originally published on Lex’s blog HERE

photo: William Gedney

2 Responses

  • Beautiful. I needed this one, breathe in and really “cherish these pieces of you”. The signs of my children are everywhere, and I am truly blessed. It’s just so easy to forget just that and move from one thing to the next without noticing.


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