Highschool Files .2


10 – 28 – 94

2: Jessica,

Well I’m really bored. But I had a totally weird dream about you and Dane, but it wasn’t a gross dream it was a funny dream. I’ll tell you about it later. I wish I could go see Dan Quail. Holo Sesinta. I don’t know what Sesinta means. Did you do all your numbers and months and days? I got a C/B and a C or B in Spanish. I thought I had an F but I don’t. Well I’ll tell you about the dream later. Nathan probably thinks I’m dump cause of what I did yesterday. I can’t believe you have made the soccer team. I hope you make the second cut.




Sam testing out her Spanish in what appear to be worse form than me at that point. Which is scary considering I only got through that semester by paying a young sweet Morman girl to let me copy her homework on a weekly basis. I didn’t have time for Spanish, and figured the money was going to a good cause because she had to earn her own money to buy her uniforms for all of those FLAG competitions.

The reference to Dane is the same Dane in the last file. The handsome heartthrob I never actually spoke to, dating the girl with the “hanging lip” who’s hair wasn’t as pretty as mine? Anyway, I don’t remember what the dream consisted of and I’m not clear why the Hell Dan Quayle pops up, but I can tell you that I didn’t make the second soccer cut. Which, looking back, was really a good thing. After all I went on to become a mediocre track star that gave me a slight sporty edge I’d never had before not to mention valid reason to skip sixth period on track meets where I got to hang with a bus full of other mediocre runners who were much more approachable than the tight knit, hard core soccer crew. Honestly I didn’t belong in either. But hey that’s what high school’s all about, right?


edit: ok, My friend Molly just jogged my memory and reminded me that Dan Quayle came as a guest speaker in ’94 which I jokingly threatened to protest but was too busy failing a Spanish test to entertain the idea as a possible reality. Had it been Bill Clinton however, I would have camped out for days leading up to it. And guess what? Probably still would. #2cool2b4gotten


12 – 6 – 94

Hola Jessica,

Whats up (in upward arrow form) Nothin here 🙂 I can’t believe that Patty would do that to Ryan. I hate her, why would she do that. She acted so nice. I never ever ever though that she would do that. She doesn’t deserve Ryan, he’s to good for her. I feel so bad for Ryan. That’s so sad.

Did you know that Valerie is going to do modeling in the summer? She’s making 5$ dollar per shoot that’s $25.00 to $50.00 a day! That’s a lot!

Love ya always,


W/B please (Signature Volkswagen symbol)


My Best friend (still to this day) who was writing in disgust over finding out that my brother (whom she was madly in love with during most of our high school years) discovered his girlfriend of 5 years was cheating on him when he followed her to the fair in his coral colored VW bug and caught her holding hands with another dude. She was the Winnie to his Kevin, so understandably it caused a major uproar in our home, that rippled throughout the halls of my high school where the line of rebound girls willing to help mend a good guy’s broken heart grew longer and longer until he had made out with just about every one of my good (and prettiest) friends by the end of my Senior year. Even Jess, who’s love for him was finally consummated in the front seat of her Dad’s big red astro van that she use to drive him around in listening to sad country songs.

As for Valerie. I don’t know that her modeling career went much further than freshman year. But I can recall her having a little extra dough that summer to toss on some bottles of Strawberry Boones, so three cheers for fancy summer gigs that can afford you and your closet girlfriends cheap booze on those warm summer nights spent driving around dirt fields looking for remote spaces in a small town to get drunk and grow up in.

*Also, pretty sure I did W / B on this one.

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