Salty Dog

I’ve never been much of a cocktail sort of gal, unless it’s an old-fashioned or a dry martini. Simple and straightforward classics – or just give me a glass of oaked chardonnay, a craft IPA, or cheap Mexican beer with a lime and salt.

However, this particular drink has stolen my heart as of late – the Salty Dog. It reminds me of summer, the cool wintry summer we spent on the southern coast of Alaska, where we took turns watching our daughter at the camp down the road where we’d parked our Airstream to head down to the infamous Salty Dawg Saloon and get ourselves a drink, just to say we’d been. On my turn in, I talked with another young traveler and an older woman and heard their stories and felt that I’d really gathered an experience, not just a drink. It wasn’t a pivotal moment in my life but a time I won’t soon forget, afterwards we met on the rocky beach at the end of the spit and stared out at the icy waters and the glacier-ridden mountains and frolicked, tipsy on the liquor and drunk with the goodness of life itself.

I drank a Kentucky bourbon, neat – I didn’t try the signature grapefruit juice-vodka-salt drink on the menu, but these days, I’ll do just about anything to feel connected to the experiences we had while traveling – so I decided to make a quick rendition of the drink at home – and now I can’t stop making them. Jess asked me to share, and it’s very simple and I’m glad to share my version.

Grapefruit juice to taste
Two shots of vodka, can’t recommend Reyka enough – so clean and easy to drink
Couple heavy sprinkles of sea salt
Lime zest (optional)

Combine in a shaker until frothy, pour, enjoy.




Thanks Kate!

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