“Between 1993 and 2005, photographer Dianne Yudelson had 11 miscarriages. Her powerful photo series, “Lost,” explores the emotional pain of miscarriage while providing comfort to other mothers who’ve been through the same struggle.

The photos in “Lost” depict mementos honoring the 11 babies Yudelson lost — from sonograms to baby clothes and toys. Each image is named after the baby the items represent.

Recalling her first miscarriage, Yudelson said she and her husband had been overjoyed to hear a heartbeat and see their baby at their 12-week ultrasound. After receiving gifts and discussing names, everything changed at their 16-week checkup when the doctor was unable to detect a heartbeat. They lost the baby.

“In the weeks following our lives stood still — we were stunned,” the photographer said. Then came the grief.

“The loss of a baby naturally carries grief,” she explained. “This grief is accompanied by the added residual physical pain of the miscarriage and hormonal transitions associated with pregnancy which add to the emotional toll. Miscarriage is heartbreaking; miscarriage is exhausting; miscarriage is isolating.”


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