Notes on Cannabis Infused Topicals

With the recent movement towards legalization in California, medicinal marijuana has been making headlines. Presidential candidates are backing it. Grandparents, celebrities, cancer patients, sufferers of chronic pain and disease, and quite possibly your PTA president supports it. Colorado has given money back to the tax payers because the industry has brought in so much revenue.
Back in high school my mother threatened to send me away to “camp” were they took the “bad” kids and reformed them. I’m still not sure what kind of camp this was, I don’t she ever really did either. Bottomless threats to a teenager experimenting with marijuana. Earlier this year she allowed me to start young plants in her backyard. The irony was hilarious. Oh, how times have changed.

Years ago I severely herniated 3 discs in my lower back, 6 mm disc bulge being the worst. Degenerative disc disease. Disc desiccation. Complete muscle atrophy. Arthritis. Fancy words for chronic pain, every single day. I couldn’t walk for weeks during flare ups. There was talk of spinal fusion and permanent nerve damage caused from inflammation. My doctors gave me no real reason why this happened. I was young, healthy, no major trauma had ever happened to my body, nor was I doing anything extreme when my discs herniated. I simply had a bad bad.

I had been doing some research and reading on cannabis infused topicals. At first thought, it had to be a novelty. Secretly snickering at work while applying your “pot” lip balm and feeling the effects shortly after. After some more research and actually creating an infused product in my kitchen, I was blown away. My lower back pain was dramatically reduced, if not completely gone, with an all natural salve! How could this be? I lived on ibuprofen! Cannabis combined with skin loving ingredients and essential oils, my life had changed.

How does it work?

The Science: CB2 receptors are responsible for cannabis and its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects. They are found in our cells and work to reduce inflammation and pain. Inflammation is an immune response and is believed to be a factor in many diseases. Cannabis infused topicals work by attaching the cannabinoids to our CB2 receptors found in our skin. They are absorbed in a way that can help cells regenerate, which allows for much relief from sore muscles and painful chronic skin and inflammatory conditions.

Topicals are mainly used for localized pain relief, inflammation, and muscle soreness. The more I talk to people who use them, the feedback is beginning to show a widening spectrum of potential benefits from headaches, menstrual cramping, psoriasis, eczema, and even cold sores. It is a very exciting time we live in to see this industry advancing so quickly and providing so many people relief.



I do not claim that these products are intended to cure, treat, or prevent disease. It’s simply my opinion and experience. It is always recommend that you speak to your physician before using a cannabis topical.

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  • I’m so glad people are speaking about this! Medicinal cannabis is just starting to get some press here too because of a few families coming out in main stream media about the positive effects it has had on their children with severe (we’re talking 300 + seizures a day) epilepsy. I’ve never smoked marijuana in my life (when I was 14 I obliviously consumed not 1 but 3 marijuana muffins, safe to say that I was scarred for life!) but the idea that it is so demonised perplexes me! Do folks not know were opiates come from?

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