A Love Poem To My Daughter

I was born

thirsty for summer-

berries and honeycomb.

Feats often ending

in a bucket of ice;

stinger in heel;

red at the mouth.


You came like sweater weather;

that soft crunch beneath boot

that bright orange, rightside up

before the turn towards grey.


You were born

thirsty to take the knot from my breast

all milk kisses & lashes-

to chirrup my pitch and ease the tick

to tandem thumping betwixt my birdcage.


Someday you will smell like the Sun,

the space between wings of Living Things,


like You.

But for now, your crown is honey dripping

on blossom, on berry;

you bloom & burst ripe from my vine.

From birth to birth,

seasons side by side,

Milk Teeth quenched

on the refined palate

that bore us home.


*photo by Reka Emese on Tumbler

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