Words of Wisdon

Lauren Hutton, On personal style:

“People say you’re either born with style or not. That’s hooey unless you happen to be born, like my friend Anjelica Huston—you got Monets and Matisses on the wall and people are coming in and out—you might be born with it. But we’re all completely different and whatever fashion is telling you, guess what, it used to be two times a year they offer you a new fashion, now it’s five times a year, so that’s what you’re being offered. But to have actual style, it’s what you pick out of that fashion, and if you put on whatever they’re trying to sell you, you will always be out of fashion because they’ll always be trying to sell you something new. The job is to have everyone else out of fashion all the time. The thing is to really look at yourself really hard—lock that door, don’t let anyone in. It doesn’t matter how young you are, how old you are—you can always change it. If you put a stripe on me a quarter of an inch bigger, I’ll look funny because I have small bones. Just because someone says it’s in fashion doesn’t mean it’s you. Get in the mirror and really look at yourself—not with your mother’s eyes or your sister’s—just try to get rid of everyone’s ideas of what you are, who you’re supposed to be and take a good look. Try to remember things that people have said look really good on you and always ask someone why they think it looks really good on you—you can add some humor so they don’t know you’re studying it and you’ll start putting it together. Usually minimalism is a good place to start. Don’t look for big and bold and blustery when you’re just starting out, especially if you’re young. You have to know that your bones are different from everyone else’s bones. You have to know what works for your bones. Whatever they tell you is fashion, chuck it out.”


orginally published on Bazaar.com


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