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With Molly Salvi of Squashblossom Vintage


Style Icons?
Anita Pallenberg.  she does the classic south-of-france look flawlessly and is the queen of 60s/70s bohemian chic in my opinion.  i love Georgia O’Keefe’s crisp desert uniform.  Iris Apfel can layer and mix colors like i’ve never seen.  Grace Coddington, Lauren Hutton, Diane Keaton, Keith Richards, and Joan Didion.

Wardrobe staples – what are yours?
vintage bell bottom jeans, worn-in tees, cotton caftans, kimonos, tank tops, high rise skinny jeans.

How about accessories – any favorites?
i wear my gold wedding ring which belonged to my husband’s grandmother and an emerald and gold ring by Scosha that we had made for our 10th anniversary.  there are little birthstones set into the band for both of us as well as our two girls.  if i’m going out I will throw on some big thin hoop earrings and a stack of old Mexican silver bangles.  if i could afford a mess of jangly 14k gold bangles I would never take them off.  I wear lots of hats- old stetsons and rockmounts.

Bare with me on this one but what do you think your shoes say about you?
they’d say i’m lazy, earthy and comfortable.  if it has a buckle or a lace I’m probably not wearing it.

What is your earliest memory associated with clothing / fashion?
i remember going to see Ziegfeld Follies with my folks when i was little- all the feathers and sequins and headdresses were mesmerizing.

What would you say you feel most comfortable in on a daily basis?
at home in the country we are always outside playing in the mud or hiking around in the leaves.  my home uniform is typically Madewell skinny jeans or stretch pants, tall Hunter boots for puddle jumping, a tank top and chunky knit sweater if it’s cool.  if we leave the house it’s vintage bellbottoms and a t-shirt or Indian gauze blouse or a cotton caftan.

Can you recall the last thing you regret buying?
i bought linen overalls at Old Navy a few months ago and they literally fell apart after 5 wears.  i rarely go for “fast fashion” and was reminded why.

What do you wear most often?
what’s comfy!  see above answer.




As far as “trends” in fashion is concerned to what degree would you say you engage?
hardly at all.  i’ve never had a desire to fit in.

What is one thing that has remained consistent in how you dress?
i’ve been a lover of late 60s/early 70s fashion for as long as i can recall.  comfort is always my first thought when dressing.

One thing that’s changed?
not too much.  now that I’m a mom i’m on the go so much and on the floor and covered in avocado and tangled in tomato vines so I save my nicer pieces for special occasions and stick to easy breezy basics during the day.

Describe to us 21 year old Molly’s weekend out on the town outfit compared to Molly today
i lived in Ireland when i was 21 so i suppose it was bellbottoms with lots of baggy sweaters and boots.  now “out on the town” is a rare luxury so I go all out!  I usually wear one of my Indian gauze maxi dresses or 30’s sheer floral gowns with wooden platforms.

Name one trend you “would never”
super low rise jeans.

Last question. You’re stranded on a (fashionably exotic) desert Island and allowed to bring 6 items with you. What are they?
Ricardo Medina botines, a Pansy bra set, my favorite Stetson hat, my comfiest patched bellbottoms, a beautiful Indian cotton caftan, a gauze blouse… and a big cozy cardigan!


above photo via Boots and Pine 

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