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Ani Difranco Via an interview on NPR, June 27, 2017


I think basically, women, being the agents of creation (the ones with the reproductive systems that actually do give birth and create the next generation of human beings) we are hand in hand with God- you know, the concept. That is, like, we actually live the act of creation. So in that sense we are the embodiment of that thing. And before patriarchy usurped all of human society the oldest images and carvings of deities were females. And not only were they female goddesses, they were big boobed, big bellied, pregnant women in the act of creation. You know, this was our first concept, our first relationship with God, with the miracle of life being created… that’s what it really is… And the song Play God tries to put it in a modern context. Like, I actually (as a woman) I pay dividends every month, you know. I have paid in many ways to have a reproductive system that got turned on way before I was prepared for it… I‘ve had several abortions when I was very young. I have had more periods than I could ever remember. I’ve given birth to several children. These are all… experiences which took a lot out of me. You know, I think including just menstruation, you know, this sort of reality of being a woman. I believe that PMS, this thing that we sort laugh at and think of as the unexplainable emotionalism of women, you know, this is women experiencing death every single month. I think that when an egg dies… an egg is the biggest human cell. It’s by far the largest cell. It’s a seed. It’s a seed of a human being. And whether it’s fertilized or not, the act of it dying which occurs every month… all of these seeds that a woman is born with, that a baby girl is born with, they all want to come alive. They all want to have their chance. But most of them don’t. And the woman has to let go. Has to feel that part of herself… that part of creation give up. And it’s dark. And it’s hard. And it makes you look upon the whole world pessimistically. You live that emotional pain with that death. So I think this sort of rollercoaster, and this kind of sacrifice that women do just by the mere fact of their biology should be respected. Should be understood as such. And that there are rights and privileges that go along with that sacrifice… that if you don’t live it, you just simply can’t understand and you shouldn’t try to dictate.

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  • this text, y o u r text is a powerful message of love for all women, before, now & after us.
    i want to let you know i will print it & frame it in our powder room _ because it’s a good place where my 3 daughters read _ to improve their self estime from now.

    thank you wonder mama ♡


  • Now that I am in my 40’s I have said that not being able to have another child and wanting one is like a death I’m mourning. This makes perfect sense.

    Thank you.


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